Our Seminars

We offer custom training seminars and webinars to interested groups in Community-Based Social Marketing (CBSM). Although we cover the theory, we focus on implementation. People who take our seminars leave not just with an understanding of how CBSM works, but also how to use it for their own programs. And they have learned, in one day, the best practices we have learned through trial and error over the last 25 years.

For more information on our seminars, you can access our course descriptions to see which suits you best.

About Our Instructor

Ken Donnelly has taught Community-Based Social Marketing (CBSM) training sessions for over 15 years, and has designed CBSM campaigns for 25. He has worked closely with the founder of CBSM, Dr. Doug MacKenzie-Mohr. As an experienced CBSM practitioner, Ken has led many successful projects. He believes strongly in the ability of behavioural changes to grow into social norms and that many people doing a few small things adds up to a lot.

Our Experience

Beyond Attitude Consulting has 25 years of experience in CBSM and social marketing project design and implementation. We bring unique behaviour-based social marketing expertise and communications skills to many fields, including energy conservation, waste management, health, transportation, occupational health and safety, urban planning, and water conservation.

Beyond Attitude Consulting has been fostering healthy attitudes and behaviours through social marketing for many years. While traditional promotional campaigns are limited to providing information to audiences to create awareness, Behaviour Change campaigns focus directly on encouraging behaviours by directly breaking down barriers, incorporating tools such as:

• Seeking progressive commitments to engage in more sustainable behaviours;
• Normative appeals;
• Prompts and reminders;
• Vivid communications;
• Social diffusion; and
• Recognition.

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