I am an Eco-innovator!

I am an Eco-innovator!

Seriously, I am an eco-innovator. Don’t take my word for it. Ask Chris Benjamin! I am flattered to be in the company of 34 others profiled in author/journalist Chris Benjamin’s new book, Eco-Innovators: Sustainability in Atlantic Canada. The book describes

CBSM Strategy for Phosphorous Reduction

There was quite a bit of interest in the report that I posted last month on Backyard Composting CBSM in Langley, BC. In order to help facilitate sharing of information, I am going to try to make more of our

Backyard Composting Surprises 2

When we did our survey research for the Backyard Composting Project in the Township of Langley, BC, we found some surprising and interesting facts. For instance, although 55% of the people surveyed reported that they used a kitchen sink disposal

Backyard Composting Surprises

We very recently finished an interesting backyard composting project in the Township of Langley in British Columbia. In the project we: (http://www NULL.beyondattitude NULL.com/wp-content/uploads/2010/11/MG_3181-Edit NULL.jpg) researched composting behaviours, barriers, benefits and incentives through surveys and focus groups; developed a CBSM


There is a story that says that the Chevy Nova, a wildly successful automobile in North America, was a complete flop when introduced in spanish speaking countries. The reason? “No va” is spanish for “Doesn’t go.” Quite a barrier to