5 Tips For Designing Effective Behaviour Change Materials

Every Behaviour Change campaign requires materials to support the program. Whether they are web-based, posters, prompts or informative leaflets, when you are developing materials to support behaviour change programs, it is important to resonate with your readers. After all, you

Senseless Census Policy

There is a lot of debate in Canada about the census as the federal government moves to replace the mandatory long form census with a new voluntary approach. With 15 years of experience developing and delivering community-based social marketing (CBSM)

Green Wash

Want to make a real difference when you wash your clothes? Buy the cold water detergent, and wash your whites in cold water. You will save energy and money, and reduce greenhouse gas emissions at the same time. Also, use

Ask a Small Question First

When trying to foster new sustainable behaviours, first target simple behaviours as a lead-in to more difficult ones. As an example, if you want to see people making large changes to energy consumption in their homes, like installing solar panels,