When it comes to behaviour change programs, Beyond Attitude Consulting is the leader, with customized solutions that continue to earn us clients across Canada and beyond.

Our behaviour change clients come from across Canada, in the UK, the Caribbean and Australia. We have designed and implemented programs to nurture many different behaviours in many different issue areas, including:

Compost bin in beyondattitude.com
Backyard Composting is Easy and Good for Your Garden
  • Reducing phosphorous in our lakes
  • Recycling and composting at home and in the work place (through curbside programs and in the backyard)
  • Reducing engine idling
  • Making sustainable transportation choices
  • Working safely
  • Protecting species at risk
  • Stopping the spread of invasive species
  • Reducing energy use in the home and workplace
  • Reducing water use in and outside of the home

and many more.

We provide all aspects of behaviour  change program development, from research to behaviour choice to program design to communications pieces to implementation. Or, if our clients prefer, we will assist their efforts through more of an advisory and mentoring role.