Lura Consulting (http://www NULL.lura (my employer) recently produced a report for Zero Waste Simcoe, an organization in Simcoe County, Ontario. The report estimates the number of jobs that could be created through responsible waste management. Simcoe already has an impressive waste diversion record, but there are more opportunities available to divert waste, and that provides economic opportunities. Our study indicates that 220 to 400 more jobs could be created in the waste management industry.

Often people say that environmental protection comes at the expense of jobs. In fact, the Simcoe report clearly shows that environmental protection and job creation can go hand-in-hand.

The report can be found at the Zero Waste Simcoe website (http://www NULL.zerowastesimcoe, and a news story (http://www NULL.midlandmirror on a presentation I gave in Midland is available as well.

So how does CBSM relate? When waste diversion programs are put in place, their success is directly relative to the participation of people in the community. CBSM programs can squeeze the most potential out of these programs, including the associated job creation, by maximizing participation.

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